The economies of IOT


Working towards rail


Our Mission: We believe that the future of rail transportation lies in digitalisation. Through our expertise in engineering and data analytics, we aim to drive the digital transformation of the rail industry and create a smarter, more connected future for all stakeholders.

Rolling Stock

Dynamic monitoring for safety and comfort

Rolling Stock

Remote Condition Monitoring for safety

Depot & Trackside

Tracking and zoning for worker safety


Station asset Remote Condition Monitoring

From basic TCMS enhancement to full data source


Near-real time
data to provide
the insights you
don’t yet have

Rail engineering provenance

Digitalisation of
Legacy Systems

20 years of rail engineering and control systems expertise spearheads our drive to digitalisation of legacy assets

  • Economies of IoT connectivity

    No place is too hard to reach

  • Our part in the circular economy

    Upcycling, reusing and repurposing legacy assets

Digital Engineering

Thought Leadership

Dynamic Sand Level Monitoring

Dynamic Sand Level Monitoring Improving Lone Worker Safety Our

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Improving Lone Worker Safety

Dynamic Sand Level Monitoring Lone Worker Safety Station Asset

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Our Pillars of

Dynamic Sand Level Monitoring Lone Worker Safety Station Asset

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Adding new life to legacy

To make tomorrow a safer, better place

We have packaged our IoT offering to clarify our proposition; but the fact remains that we have the skill and aptitude to mix, match and build a solution around your specific needs.