Quality Assurance


We design, build and test to all the relevant group standards.  Our engineering team are experts in the fulfilment of complex engineering solutions, with safety and compliance being the foundation from which they start.

  • EN50155
  • EN45455
  • EMC RIA 12
  • London Underground (LUL) fire certification
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Quality Assurance

The team at Transportise Limited maintain a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and that is certified by NQA (through sister company PSI Technologies Limited).

The implementation of a Quality Management System for Transportise ensures that we continually monitor and improve our business processes and product development in line with our core mission of driving the digitalisation of the rail industry.

Over the Transportise team’s working life, complex project work has been completed for critical industries other than Rail, like Motorsport and Medical Components, in addition to meeting MOD audit standards for a range of challenging IoT projects.  This is testament to the highest quality standards that is at the heart of everything Transportise do.




One of our top priorities is the security of customer data, and through our dedicated and trusted partners, we provide a custom designed security architecture to prevent malicious usage of Sensor Data and/or malicious commands being sent to devices within the network.
  • No external ports or interfaces to the Sensor or Gateway MCU.
  • Device ID key pair to the Database is encrypted.
  • Any messages temporarily stored on the Gateway remain encrypted.
  • Private APN enables the Gateway SIM Card to connect to an IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN).  All messages that pass over this network remain encrypted.
  • VPN endpoint is hosted within Amazon Web Services and directly routed into the Monitoring Application Database at which point it is unencrypted for application usage.
  • Our Web Application and all API’s into the platform use SSL with password protected to all user interfaces.
  • We implement Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to administration functions as well as limitations to sets of data.

Our business partners

Our partners enable a holistic approach to rail digitalisation

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