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RailChanger Telco System: Engage and Inform Employees. 

Getting the right information, to the right people at the right time.

Welcome to RailChanger. A new mobile broadcast system dedicated to all transport staff, particularly those operating remotely like drivers, maintenance engineers and track and sidings workers, enabling that positive move to address Compliancy and increased safety through one easy to use and deploy Telco App.

Making communication to all safer and swifter.  

A fully brandable communications tool, with unlimited broadcast channels to share news, information, safety updates, speed restriction updates and training videos. Or anything else you need to get in front of the right people quickly.

There is also Chat and Video functionality, image and file sending back to base. No mobile numbers need to be changed. Simply download from the app stores and sign up with mobile number and employee/contractor number and it’s instantly cross referenced with the main base.

A simpler, safer and cheaper way to keep everyone up to date all the time.

It will also ensure that all user information and knowledge is up to date with instant ‘read and understood’ back to base. Complete knowledge of all users’ certifications and essential user information, with an update from base to inform and send when it isn’t.

The App dashboard is clean and intuitive, offering a broadcast to all or segmentation of users across the company. It can also identify departments, group by job functions or teams depending on how it is configured. A simple and easy way to send and inform ensuring a higher degree of safety for all. Infinite groups and infinite possibilities.

The right information, to the right people all the time.