Significantly lower data costs
Better network coverage and stability
Faster troubleshooting

Future Proofing IoT Device Connectivity

Low power, low data, maximum performance

Choose your network coverage.

It’s easy to manage your networks, boost signal quality and securely connect your devices to 630+ networks.  We offer a unified network which connects over 700 local networks in more than 180 countries.  That’s about the scale of it. In the UK, we offer O2, with an LTE-M option, Hutchison 3G and EE. 

Stronger network device and network security

A cellular network carries encryption protocols and an IoT SIM offers real time traffic monitoring, so you’ll always be on the button when it comes to protecting your business from a breach of security.

Significantly lower data costs

This works in two ways – firstly, your device’s logic will be simplified to reduce data costs by using our core network to eliminate unnecessary data consumption.  Secondly, you only pay for the data you use, so when a freight train is laid up for example, you will not continue to pay monthly costs. 

Increased battery life

Battery consumption can also be minimised by reducing device logic and staying connected to the strongest network with software.

Our business partners

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