Control access issues with escalators, elevators and lifts.


Escalator transport volumes of people on a daily basis, and maintenance is critical in terms of getting people from A to B quickly and keeping spaces safe from overcrowding.

Reaching an escalator’s motor controls

Motor controllers are typically located under flooring grates in multiple locations.  They are, by their very nature, legacy, remote and disconnected.


This is an IIoT solution where two sensors provide all the data needed to a more central location and these are the On/Off Sensor and the Process Loop Sensor.

The On/Off Sensor.  When used in conjunction with the Gateway, this Sensor will read and transmit the open or closed state of the electrical interface to the Cloud Platform on a near real-time basis.

The Process Loop Sensor.  Measuring the current on a 4-20mA industrial control loop, this sensor reports the mA value as a percentage.  On reading and transmitting the percentage to the Cloud Platform on a near real time basis, it can be configured to translate the reading into a specific date range value and displayed with custom units.