Movement Analytics Through Station and On Platform


An awareness in near real time of people movement inside a station is a good indicator of what is happening on the platforms.  Monitoring inside activity provides additional insight into busy station platforms, due to train arrivals, and the two may or may not correlate.  


Infrared detection sensors positioned on walls or on poles transmit data to a Gateway, which is capable of transmitting a 500m distance, even through walls, enabling Cloud based insight in a very short space of time. 

Shows pole mounted range

The Activity Sensor.

Specifically designed for monitoring outdoor areas, the activity sensor has a person range of 5m, with a 2.5m hot zone radius.  The sensors are therefore typically installed every 5m in a particular area.

Vibration and Motion sensors

Part of the classic range, these sensors will also read and transmit activity to the Cloud platform.  Thresholds can be for each sensor through the use of dynamic profiles, which can trigger alarms sent via email or SMS.

The Vibration sensor reads and transmits XYZ movement (acceleration) amplitude and frequency peak values.

Transportise survey the area to be monitored and advise the optimum package required to meet the required objective.

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