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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Remedial

The quality of air in indoor public spaces has been under pressure to meet World Health Organisation guidelines and it’s a known fact that the levels of nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 particulate matter at certain stations are well outside these guidelines.

Transportise offer a variety of ways to approach this, from sensors within HVAC systems, to ionisation.

HVAC filtration

Ducted air-conditioning systems contain 100’s of disposable filters which need to be inspected on a standard cycle – requiring man hours and significant cost.

Hard to reach assets

Disposable filters are embedded in ducts and difficult to reach for routine inspection purposes.  Our IoT solution uses the Delta Pressure Sensor.  Used in conjunction with the gateway, the sensor will read and transmit pressure levels to the Urban Cloud Platform on a near real-time basis.  An IoT Data API connects the data to external software programs if preferred.

Hepa Air Purifiers

For offices and rest rooms, Transportise offer, through their partner Qualair, economical standalone air purifiers.  Advanced H13 True HEPA filtration traps dust, smoke, bacteria and viruses, while also helping dehumidify a room.  It is known that H13 or better removes 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns, so these units are built for the job, purifying a room up to 232m2.  Transportise advocate these units when a quick, easy solution is sought.


This technology really has a lot to offer.  Ionisation is the diffusion of positive and negative ions in the air, which are naturally attracted to fine particles and many pollutants to include PM2.5 and even PM 0.1, such is their natural efficiency.  Putting it simply, the ions break down toxic particles causing them to fall to the ground.  

How we utilise the technology

For HVAC systems in carriages or within buildings, Transportise install Plasma Air bipolar ionisation units into the air handling units or duct systems and the technology takes over from there. 

The result – healthier environments and a sense of wellbeing – happier passengers, happier staff.