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Vehicle and Infrastructure Asset Optimisation

Transportise is re-imagining vehicle and infrastructure asset management with an end to end Integrated System Management solution.  This covers system and asset monitoring, asset management, service delivery and workflow and task management.  Furthermore, it delivers on passenger flow and  the mobile workforce, to ensure trackside safety and accountability.

How we do it

Using our IIoT cloud based asset monitoring solution, we use existing data feeds or additional smart sensors to give you continuous visibility over your systems, and the humans within it.

These rail grade smart sensors are low cost, yet provide near real time data from any asset, no matter how remote.  The data is collected and displayed in the Asset Management Platform, as a turnkey managed service.  This includes any live sensor data from third party business systems which we have integrated.  Actionable insights, all in one location.

Our Smart Sensors

Our smart sensors are designed for low cost, retrofit solutions, connecting any asset, no matter how remote.  Set up is automatic.  We bring our own network which can work in 95% of populated locations globally, onboard or underframe, completely out of the box.  

The Technology – it makes economic sense.

Our one touch commissioning service process means that each IoT device is automatically connected into standard data dashboards with no additional systems administration or platform configuration.  This significantly reduces IT overhead and costs to deploy.