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Digital twinning in the rail industry

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object – typically disparate or legacy – and in the rail industry, this covers train stations, maintenance depots, rolling stock maintenance yards and sidings.

The asset may be ‘disconnected’ in today’s world of IIoT, but to Transportise, this doesn’t mean end of life.  Our business is to connect the fringe or legacy asset and bring it into the mainstream as a digital twin.  Here, the data it produces can combine with big data, for insights previously unimaginable.  Digital twinning can be simple or complex and we offer both. 

Simple digital twinning

Simple digital twinning is straight out of the box, with data transfer almost immediate.  This enables the benefits of insight to be quickly realised.  A dashboard such as that shown below, will show you to what’s important, and what is critical and needing attention.

Complex digital twinning

Complex digital twinning takes the out of the box digital solution and integrates it with a TCMS or any other big data supply, from weather data to mapping data.  
Data is Near Real Time because our solutions have the benefit of being Wireless, simplifying and reducing installation time and cost considerably. 
The possibilities are extensive.  Get a feel for this on our Data Integration and Visualisation page.