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Data Visualisation as Standard

Our turnkey solution for legacy asset monitoring comes complete with a cloud based dashboard designed for actionable insight.  Furthermore, it is ready to go – devices, network and data connect out of the box, and with all the scalability you need.

In keeping with simplicity, logging into your platform couldn’t be easier – and your data is there at your fingertips.  The insights are clear and if action needs to be taken, dashboard alerts will show this.


Data Integration

Taking it up a notch to a whole new level of sophistication, Transportise scanned the IoT software space for the ideal data integration partner for rail applications.  It was important that next generation capability must also be matched with usability and  practicality.   

Low Code, Rapid Prototyping

An array of solutions exist in this space and one of the best was also one designed for simplicity in a highly complex field.  This software clearly sets out its stall, combining RDF’s/Ontologies and low code AI integration for rapid prototyping of IoT networks and Near Real Time Analytics.  It offers:

  1. Increased data availability with drag & drop rapid prototyping of AI systems based on data discharges, real time connections and simulations.
  2. Developer friendly smart, powerful API’s 
  3. Integrated analytics in addition to your own analytics specification.  A low code, perfect dashboard can be created.

This is the platform which can take our customers’ data visualisation to a level not yet envisaged.  AI models can be deployed in multiple networks without the need for customisation and adaption, boosting scalability across multiple digital twins.  

Zoning and conduit considerations

With zoning and conduit methodology developing across the rail industry, particularly in Europe, our software solution already presents as a good fit.  With its Rapid Prototyping, flexibility and all round power, this software will take you to the next level.