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Sustainability - Our Story

Adding new life to legacy

There are three main pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – often referred to as the Triple Bottom Line or people, planet and profit.  Here’s our place in the sustainable world:

Consider the very nature of what we do at Transportise, our very reason for being – we add new life to legacy.  This means no wastage, when  unconnected dumb assets can be given a new lease of life, positively impacting the environment.  We are part of the circular economy.  It’s basic but it is a sustainable practice nonetheless.

Sustainability we’re proud to deliver

  1. IoT solutions in Rail reduce consumption of energy.  Its very essence is to drive efficiencies and minimise, if not eliminate, wastage.
  2. When you seek to improve a situation with a new solution, which is what we do, we invariably have a positive environmental impact, if you take, for example, our Sandbox  monitoring solution.  And our new initiative still in development of improving the sanding system altogether to minimise the pollution and environmental damage that sand deposits have.  The Sandbox solution has a cross over, albeit small, with social, in that unnecessary man hours spent checking sandbox usage becomes a thing of the past, allowing human minds and capabilities to be put to far better use.
  3. IoT solutions in Rail directly impact Indoor Air Quality, through the use of sensors in HVAC systems to monitor air condition and solutions for offices or within passenger trains that utilise Ionisation technology.  This is another cross over with social, in that it has a direct impact on quality of travel and work, for passengers and staff.
  4. Innovations in tracking and worker safety are making a direct impact on quality of life.  If workers feel safe, it adds to job satisfaction.  The technology is there, to be used.
  5. IoT solutions are social – Everyday, most people are exposed to consumer IoT and to see this in action across their area of work provides a sense of wellbeing, as it improves jobs and working environments.
  6. Economic – Transportise is a lean, efficient business, run on a no wastage basis.  We make profits to contribute to a sustainable economy but we want Transportise to be a company of today, one that does think about its footprint and about the many small improvements to life it will make.

Our partners, our customers, our values

Sustainability is a mindset, it’s an awareness that is inherent, invariably manifesting itself in a desire to solve problems that positively contributes to environmental, social and economic sustainability. So we can live better today, and maintain a better life into the future.