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    Remote Condition Monitoring

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Remote Condition Monitoring

Using IIoT, our cloud based asset monitoring solution for vehicles and critical asset portfolios uses existing feeds or added smart sensors to provide continuous visibility over your systems, lowering your MTIR, and your risks.    

How it works

Critical asset monitoring requirements include anything from the condition of the parking brakes, to the fuel, water and waste monitoring levels, to engine condition.  We employ low cost smart sensors, an EN50155 Certified Urban.io Gateway, radar capability and where required, the necessary electronics to deliver near time information to a centralised online platform, either integrated into your TMS or standalone.  It’s a unique combination of skills, hardware and software that delivers the insights you need to make safe and economic decisions.

From Sensors to Insight

A growing family of industrial grade sensors monitor conditions from temperature and vibration to current detection. These low cost units are easy to fit, collecting data and relaying it via the Urban.io Gateway to a data aggregator, leaving you to focus on the insights.


From Reactive to Preventative

IIoT Smart Sensors give ROSCO’s and TOC’s the power to move from a reactive time or mileage based maintenance approach to a condition based preventative approach by:

  1. Connecting you to your assets 24/7 in near real time.
  2. Providing historical data ‘forever’ for analysis.
  3. Ensuring equipment alarms and warnings speak directly to maintenance teams.
  4. Allocating engineers more productively.
  5. Tracking system performance over the asset life.