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Telematics for the Rail Industry

Telematics is increasingly in reach for the Rail Industry.  While innovative advancements in automotive have led to the evolution and deployment of new products and services utilising IoT, the ground has effectively been prepared for other transport sectors not as highly developed, although increasingly becoming so.


Transportise is a slightly different operator in the IoT field, in that our background capabilities lie in engineering innovation and problem solving.  This we combine with our knowledge of scalable IoT, an IoT solution that connects legacy assets that are typically difficult to reach.  


Transportise is working on some incredible projects, particularly in freight, the ultimate in legacy or ‘dumb’ asset.  We design solutions you don’t realise you’re looking for and  develop concepts that go beyond what is currently on the market.  

 Industrial SIM

This adds a further dimension to our particular mix of skill and capability and provides an open door to affordable data monitoring.  The key difference between monitoring data utilising a LoRa network subscription and utilising Industrial SIM, is that a SIM reduces your overheads in that it is pay as you go data.  For the Rail Industry, this addresses freight, for example, being in sidings and not operational for periods of time.  You only pay for the data you use rather than a monthly subscription.  We offer both and there are benefits to both. 

A networked fleet

Whatever the mode of transport, or however extensive, UK or global, Industrial SIM means just one SIM card globally, wherever your fleet roams.  The network is there to support it.

There is also an opportunity to customise your network coverage map with a non steered SIM.  The Network marketplace allows you to customise a coverage map to suit your business needs.