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Rail Zoning and Tracking

We can’t talk about personnel tracking without railway zoning, which is the model being developed by many rail companies to facilitate not just IoT but also cyber security.  Driven by the need to organise and protect assets from threat, and to enable better networking and communications, the rail industry is reviewing its whole infrastructure.

Personnel tracking

While zoning continues to evolve, personnel safety remains a concern high on the agenda.   To this end, simpler solutions are at hand that can be readily adopted.

The ContactKey

The ContactKey is a keychain wearable that can be used within your existing Access Control System.  This device has been developed with our longstanding partner  The ContactKey 

1. VRF locator (relative proximity)

2. Access control RFID (MIFARE DESFire)

3. Screw Fit, battery replaceable.

The size of a cigarette lighter, it is designed to remain securely attached to the person without risk of snagging.  Neither does it add to existing Access cards.  You can program your own Access ID credentials to the ContactClip, and then use it in place of another card or fob.